12-Week Transformation

Design the life you were always meant to live

The 12-Week Transformation is a life-changing coaching program by

Strategic Intervention coach Judy Sims

About Judy Sims

I've held many roles. From award-winning brand marketer, to magazine publisher, website launcher to international start-up grower. But nothing brings me more joy than consulting and coaching. 
I follow my curiosity.
I see opportunity in constraint.
And more importantly, I can help you do it too.
Learn even more about me here.
Live, interactive, all about you.

Ditch the to-do list.

Make YOU your top priority for 12 amazing weeks. 

Weeks 1 to 4
Remember who you are.  What do you value? What puts you in flow? What keeps you from having the things you want in life?
Weeks 5 and 6
Discover your purpose, mission and vision for your life.  Set goals.
Week 7
Harness the life-changing power of "I can, if..." to achieve your dreams.
Week 8
Create your Big Plan.  Now that you know what you want, it's time to set the plan to go get it.
Weeks 9 to 12
Practice, evaluate, adapt. Put your plan to work. I'll coach you through the initial bumps and challenges.

What it's Like to Work with Judy

Judy has the gift for taking the complex and transforming it to crystal clear simplicity that helps you move forward positively.
Judy is clear-sighted and intuitive. She helps her clients find the best path forward, and supports them when they get the jitters on the steep ascent.
Working with Judy is a bit like a tornado whisking you to a better place.
Customer Success Executive
Judy is very warm, approachable and disarming. I didn't realize how much stress I was under until Judy began to lift it.  I felt such relief.

Ready? Let's do this!

You'll learn a skillset that will support you and your dreams for the rest of your life.
Live with purpose and intention
Have more clarity, calm, direction and focus
Experience renewed energy
Possess boundless confidence